SMM from India now seen as an expert

How SIGMA™ helped Viraj overcome the stereotypical beliefs around his nationality and lay a solid foundation for growth
Feb 2023 — Jun 2023
Coaching package
Jul 2023 — Ongoing

The Challenge

Like many solopreneurs, Viraj had no idea how to do this “business thing”. He had previously bought an expensive programme, hoping it would be the turning point. But when he needed help, they simply told him “You're not doing it right.”

The problem with courses and other programmes out there

Viraj also struggled with the stereotypical opinions around his nationality. He could not get responses from leads. No one was willing to pay him for his value.

Viraj needed to establish his authority and be seen as an expert.

The Process

Content creation framework for lead generation & authority-building

During the SIGMA™ and coaching sessions, we focused on 4 key areas:

  1. Finalizing his niche, target clients, and platform of choice
  2. Creating content that establishes authority
  3. Strategizing lead generation methods
  4. Training for sales calls

As Viraj is fairly new to business, the interactive guidance during the SIGMA™ sessions was what he needed.

Sales call roleplay and training

The Transformation

  • 400+% increase in responses from leads
  • Concluded 1 platform to focus on LinkedIn
  • Frameworks to create authority-building content

Viraj is currently continuing with biweekly coaching sessions.

“I would've paid US$5,000 - 6,000 for this.”

Viraj Jadhav — Social Media Marketer