Hey, I'm Agnes.
I'm a brand and business strategist for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.
Over the last decade, I've started a flipping business, freelanced as a private educator, started a tech startup and exited, and started a creative agency, all while having a full-time job and volunteering for a school in a rural village in Cambodia.
Then in 2021, I quit my job and turned down a six-figure job offer to focus on building my own one-person business. I wanted to work on something meaningful that would uplift legacy builders and purpose-driven entrepreneurs.
While networking and working with entrepreneurs worldwide, I learned that for many, financial freedom is not the end goal. It's to leave a positive impact on the world while having freedom to live.
I help them by transforming their purpose into the ultimate differentiator, creating a #NicheOfOne. Attract like-minded customers and build a community. No fancy sales funnels and pushy marketing tactics. No burnout from 16-hour work days.
So, when you're ready...
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