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Build your #NicheOf

Do you feel like you’re made for more?
Do you want to make a positive impact in the world?
What about doing it full-time and quitting your 9-5?
2 of the biggest problems I've seen in entrepreneurs failing to do what they love for a living are:
  • not having a real purpose and just chasing after the money
  • not able to attract enough top-of-funnel audiences
But you see, by solving the first problem, the second problem will be solved as well.
Endless studies and research have shown that consumers, employees, and investors are moving towards brands with a purpose. They assess a brand's purpose by how business touchpoints Feel, Look, and Sound - giving rise to one of my frameworks, The FLS Triangle.
You can download The Purpose Data report for free to see the research and data.
By figuring out my purpose, my brand attracts like-minded and highly-engaged audiences who turn into high-quality leads as they go further down my funnel. My clients are my friends because we strongly resonate with each other's beliefs. Getting them to 5-figure months is the cherry on top.
You can have these results, too.
You don't need to stress over your offer. You don't need to have a niche. You don't have to innovate and come up with a purpose. And did I mention that this is something your competitors will never be able to copy?
With your purpose as the North Star, you can build your #NicheOfOne.

About Me

Growing up under disparate circumstances, my entrepreneurial journey had begun much earlier than many others. From flipping hyped products to raising venture capital for my own I.T. startup - my journey is filled with colors, climaxes, and learning points.
In 2021, I turned down a six-figure job offer to focus on building my own one-person business revolving around purpose-driven brands.

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