6-year Business Owner FINALLY sees results

Hilary went from "busy but broke" to "boss babe"
Nov 2022 — Feb 2023
Coaching package
Mar 2023 — Ongoing
Agency services
Brand identity & website design

The Challenge

Despite having 6000+ members in her community, Hilary found it tough to monetize. After 6 years, she was lost, spreading herself so thin, and could not progress upwards.

Various platforms of free content — Linkedin newsletters, events, and YouTube videos

Without a clear plan and a system, Hilary did not have a focal point. Her community was growing fast but she wasn't making money.

Hilary needed a business revamp.

The Process

With how busy Hilary was, I knew we had to dial in on a focal point. During the SIGMA™ and coaching sessions, we focused on 4 key areas:

  1. Uncovering her true goals and vision for her brand
  2. Trimming her business down — 1 service, 1 platform, 1 target audience, 1 funnel
  3. Optimizing key areas in her funnel
  4. Marketing her offer
Uncovering Hilary's goals and vision for UX Vocab Club

The accountability from the SIGMA™ sessions helped keep Hilary focused.

Hilary also hired my agency (at discounted rates!) to redesign her brand and website.

Brand strategy and identity overhaul

The Transformation

  • Freed up time for self-care (Hilary joined a boxing gym)
  • Grew her community by 2000+ people
  • Increased monthly income by 500+%
  • Booked out with sales calls

Hilary is currently continuing with biweekly coaching sessions.

“I wouldn't have done it without you. Thank you.”

Hilary Cluett — Founder, UX Vocab Club