60 y/o Spiritual Mentor jumping on TikTok

Shelley's transition from a purely offline business to a steady online presence to fuel her legacy
Apr 2023 — Jul 2023
Agency services
Automated funnel setup & maintenance

The Challenge

Despite having decades of experience and wisdom, Shelley was at the mercy of word-of-mouth marketing. She had to book speaking slots in her area to showcase her expertise and get leads. Those took a lot of time and money.

Knowing that she has to get online, Shelley tried going live on Facebook and posting on Instagram. People were interested but she wasn't getting any sales.

Shelley's Facebook Group and Instagram page were not getting her any clients

And as time went pass, Shelley was concerned that her work would never be seen by the rest of the world. She wanted to leave her legacy online for everyone to benefit from.

Shelley needed a plan.

The Process

With Shelley's impressive track record, I knew Shelley is the real deal. But the rest of the world didn't and that's what we had to solve. During the SIGMA™ sessions, we focused on 3 key areas:

  1. Analyzing her competitors on social media
  2. Turning Shelley's experiences and results into content
  3. Building an automated funnel to convert her audience into leads
Snapshots from SIGMA™ sessions

As Shelley has little experience with marketing and audience-building, the interactive guidance during the SIGMA™ sessions was what she needed.

Shelley also hired my agency (at discounted rates!) to build the funnel for her.

The Transformation

  • 2 new clients halfway through SIGMA™
  • Concluded 1 platform to focus on TikTok
  • Implemented an automated funnel with advanced features
  • Easy-to-use video script frameworks to create multiple videos a week

Shelley will be starting coaching sessions in Q4 2023.

“Money well-spent. Absolutely.”

Shelley Scudder — Spiritual Mentor