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Extensive data from studies, research, and surveys from the most reputable sources worldwide.
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The Purpose Data Report will show you:

Eye-opening data and insights from the most reputable sources worldwide, on how consumers and stakeholders are looking for purpose-driven brands and businesses. You can use these insights to take your business to the next level.
Make more informed decisions
Avoid having flawed assumptions
Drive results for your business
Understand the shifting demands
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Why Millionaire Restauranteur Might Be The Guide For You

The ultimate guide to navigating the assumptions and traditions of the food & beverage industry, leaving you better informed and ahead of the competition.
The cover of Millionaire Restauranteur
You want to make better decisions and avoid common mistakes
You want to better understand the food & beverage industry
You want to know the common misconceptions and challenges
You want to have valuable insights into the restaurant industry
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“As I took over my dad's pizzeria, I can attest to these myths. They definitely exist. Agnes inspired me to rethink my plans. Highly recommend.”
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“I came across this guide in the nick of time as I was thinking of starting my own cafe. Now I've scheduled a consultation with Agnes. Can't wait.”
home cook
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“It was an interesting read even though I don't own a restaurant. Many of these myths exist in the lifestyle industry, too. Very eye-opening.”
ergonomic brand founder

About the Author Agnes Ang

Agnes runs a brand strategy consultancy. She works with the most inspiring entrepreneurs - restaurant owners, e-commerce owners, community builders, creative freelancers, digital agencies and more to help them discover and unleash the power of purpose.

She created this report to provide you with data that illustrate the advantages of purpose for your business or brand.

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