Getting purpose-driven entrepreneurs to 5-figure months
(without the burnout)

The Roadblock That’s In The Way

Do you want to have leads approaching you?
Do you have no idea how to get high-quality leads?
Or maybe your marketing funnel or strategy isn’t good enough?
Or maybe the problem is with your leads?
People nowadays can’t seem to pay you what you’re worth, right?

The Truth

The problem is not with the lead. They’re humans like you and me.
The problem isn’t with the funnels and strategies. They’re working for somebody somewhere.
I know you’re doing so much and working so hard to build your business.
But the truth is…
You are what you attract.
Like attract likes.
Do you know what I mean?
For example:
I’m not just referring to the visual aesthetics.
I’m referring to the quality, level of sophistication, and strategy execution.
Your offer is like a painting.
The frame dictates the perceived value of the painting.
The problem you have is the frame around the painting.

- Agnes Ang
I see this problem on the internet every single day.
The nicest, sincerest, and most talented people are unknowingly losing out on high-quality top-of-funnel audiences.
Working with people that you don’t vibe with is not fun at all.
I personally have no interest working with people that I couldn't connect with.
Plus, if you’re just in it for the money instead of the fulfillment of helping people, you’ll hate your life.
To make things worse, less skilled or less passionate people are the ones getting the paying clients.
Do you suffer from this?
If you do, you’re not alone.
I’ve been exactly where you are.
My clients have been exactly where you are.
It may be hard to believe, but there is a way forward.

The Solution To It All

What if you could…

A 10-Step Tried-and-Proven System

Here’s how my clients have achieved all of that AND reached 5-figure months:
  1. Self-reflect on your purpose and refresh your mindset. (Because consistency is the secret formula)
  2. Identify and understand your target customers deeply. (Not the demographics bullsh*t)
  3. Analyze the market and your competitors, and identify gaps for you to position yourself in.
  4. Come up with a belief or messaging that is unique to you. (You’ll be repeating this for a long time)
  5. Audit and improve your branding. (Beware of the “My baby is the cutest”-syndrome)
  6. Map out your customer journey and craft out a funnel.
  7. Build out the funnel and set up automations.
  8. Craft a content strategy for content creation. (Focus on one platform that your target customer is active on)
  9. Create a system for creating, publishing, and tracking your content.
  10. Plan out your outbound and inbound strategy. (Always add them to your funnel)
Fine, it’s not exactly a 10-step process…
Nobody said that achieving your dreams would be easy.
But once you’ve done created this system, well, the heavy-lifting is done.
5-figure months will be the norm.
It IS POSSIBLE for you to learn all these steps and execute them on your own.
But for 99% of us, the learning curve is too steep.
It took me 5 years of experience and I’m hoping to reduce it down to months for you.

Want Some Help?

Temporary inflation-relief pricing applied.
Payment plan options available.

Like-Attract-Likes Programme

From $3,800 $2,688
✔ 8-week strategy workshop
✔ 2-hour weekly sessions
  • 1-to-1 guided workshops (Done-With-You)
  • Activities and prompts provided
  • Cover steps 1-10
You will receive full guidance on your brand, business, and marketing strategies. Gone are the days of feeling lost and burned out.
*price does not include any monthly or yearly software, domain, or hosting fees

Done-For-You Strategy & Set Up

From $7,500 $5,488
✔ 1 discovery call
✔ Brand growth strategy
✔ Business growth strategy
✔ Brand identity design
(including logo, graphical icon set, social media banners, and thumbnail/post templates)
  • Set up & training provided
  • Cover steps 1-5
Your brand and business set up will be taken care of for you. Watch your marketing returns increase after you take over.
*price does not include any monthly or yearly software, domain, or hosting fees

Done-For-You Full-Suite Set Up

From $19,750 $15,988
✔ Everything in Done-For-You Strategy & Set Up
✔ 1 additional discovery session
✔ Website design & development
✔ Funnel building and automation set up
✔ Content creation strategy
✔ Outbound strategy
✔ Email list building strategy (including 5 welcome emails)
  • Set up & training provided
  • Templates & scripts provided
  • Cover steps 1-10
Everything will be figured out and done for you. You just have to take over.
BOOKed out for 2023
*price does not include any monthly or yearly software, domain, or hosting fees
The workshops, strategies, and trainings do not include:

Still Not Convinced?

You might have seen many others promising the same things I am.
You might have also seen endless testimonials and screenshots.
So, I'm going to do something different...

The restaurant industry is the most lethal and challenging one.
What if my system worked for a restaurant?
The founder of restaurant, The Jungle Boy, needed help just like you.
He came to me when his restaurant was quiet.
Picture of The Jungle Boy's founder and Agnes
Within 6 months, he had received:
  • 473 clicks on “Reserve a Table” button on the website
  • 59 event booking enquiries submitted through the website
If 470 reservations were for 2 pax spending $50 each, he would've made $47,000.
If 50 events made $500 worth of orders, he would've made
$72,000 in 6 months and I'm being extremely conservative.
He also sent me this message that made my heart sing:
Screenshot of WhatsApp messages from The Jungly Boy's founder, saying that the restaurant is filling up and he is requesting for a More Seats Upstairs poster design from Agnes.
That's not all.
A digital marketing company in the beauty space booked TJB for an event through their website.
Influencers came and they shared a ton of organic media content of the restaurant!
If my system works for the craziest industry - restaurants...
Imagine what it will do for your business?
Let's get you booked in