Make 5 figures a month without having a huge follower count or running ads with the Like Attract Like Programme a 6-figure agency owner developed to help even her business-newbie clients.

Can you relate to this?

If you’ve been nodding your head to any of these statements, then this may be the most helpful case study you'll ever see.
Today you'll discover a new proven way to do what you love full-time.
It has nothing to do with running ads, taking a huge amount of risk, or having 100K followers.

I used to feel embarrassed everytime someone asked me about my business.

I'm Agnes, a business & brand strategist.
I help online service providers leverage social media to make 5 figures a month.
But it wasn't always like this.
In 2020, I was a web designer living in a rented bedroom making only $6,000 online in the whole year.
I had to take on odd jobs to pay rent and put food in my mouth.
Any spare cash I had, I invested in courses.
I was sick and tired of working 7 days a week.
I felt ashamed and disappointed that I was living paycheck-to-paycheck.
I thought:
"How the hell did I let myself get like this?"
This is your sign to take action today.

Putting myself out there on the internet was hard at first. I was intimidated by how successful others were.

The first thing I did to find solutions to my problem was to find online entrepreneurs who have made it.
I felt like a fish out of the water.
Everywhere I looked, I saw people succeeding.
Everyone except me.
Thankfully, those feelings died out.
And this victory inspired me to start looking for a mentor.
So I forced myself to grow super thick skin, and put myself out there.
Things changed when I met him (and he’s still my mentor to this day).
He not only showed me how he made money as a consultant, he guided me on how I could make money too.
That’s when I realized, the problem was never with planning or education (which I got a ton from all the courses I took).
It was in strategic execution.
I met with him weekly. I executed daily. I even landed a meeting with Foodpanda’s CTO because I took action strategically.
But I wasted too much time and effort switching between different strategies trying to find the best one to make money.

From working 7 days a week and living paycheck-to-paycheck to transforming myself into a focused, happy, and financially free woman — And travelling the world.

I started to get a taste of success.
But my income hit a ceiling as I realized I had to improve my design skills.
So I joined design communities online to learn from others.
Funny enough, many of them started asking me for business advice.
They started coming back, telling me how my advice helped them.
And I started to crave for more.
So I researched and documented everything.
As a result, I developed my own strategy framework.
This framework got me from living paycheck-to-paycheck to travelling the world – without going viral on social media.
And in 2022, I hit my first 6-figure year.

Why do courses fail you

Most courses don’t get you results because:
They only work when you have an instructor in the room with you.
Let me explain:
You need to learn the strategies and tactics to grow your business.
But that’s just the surface level.
That’s just educating yourself.
Remember: you still need to know how to apply and execute.
And that’s where many people drown.
You don’t know whether you’re going in the right direction…
You have no idea if you should stay consistent or reiterate…
You take months or years before seeing any real results…
Screw that.
There's a better way.
You'll be glad to know that…
Today you have the opportunity to access my one-of-a-kind programme.
You will not find anything like it.

Like-Attract-Like Programme: Reach 5-figure months without complicated funnels or working 12-16 hour days

Here's what you'll get in my programme:
✅ A unique method to create content that attracts leads and generates inbound DMs (instead of attracting your competitors)
✅ Exactly how to get testimonials and case studies that actually sell for you on autopilot (most people do this wrongly)
✅ The quickest way to create an irresistible offer that clients will find a no-brainer
✅ A 6-part tried-and-tested framework that I use to close sales on calls (including roleplay and objection tackling)
✅ The #1 way to brand your profile so that visitors turn into followers that I learned from analyzing the biggest creators
✅ What you can do every day (sneak peek: it’s only 3 things) to find your target customers and land more sales calls
✅ The 1 thing I learned from Dan Koe, the legendary 7-figure content creator, that has helped me easily find my niche
✅ Exactly how to build a simple and automated funnel that nurtures your audience for you (even if you don’t have coding skills or a marketing degree)
✅ A plug-and-play sales page template that has a proven conversion rate of 8.4% (for reference: the average sales page conversion rate across various industries was 2.35%)
✅ A breakdown of the top 10 software tools and website builders that creators are using to save 10s of hours of their time every week. (7 of them are FREE to use)
✅ The #1 thing most people get wrong about business that makes them unconfident in DM conversations, content creation, and sales calls
The best part is this: you won’t be alone.
The programme is 100% guided in a 1:1 workshop format.

Want Some Help?

Temporary inflation-relief pricing applied.
Payment plan options available.

Like-Attract-Likes Programme

S$4,800 SG$3,030
✔ 10-week strategy workshop
✔ 2-hour weekly sessions
  • 1-to-1 guided workshops (Done-With-You)
  • In-session activities included
  • Templates and scripts provided
You will receive full guidance on your brand, business, and marketing strategies. Gone are the days of feeling lost and burned out.
*prices are charged in Singapore Dollars. Other currencies are indicated for reference only. Payment provider and credit card provider exchange rates will apply
*price does not include any monthly or yearly software, domain, or hosting fees if any

Brand & Business Strategy

S$7,500 SG$5,488
✔ Everything in Like-Attract-Like Programme
✔ Brand identity design
(including logo, graphical icon set, social media banners)
✔ Design templates
  • Style guide provided
  • Set up & training included
Don't have a design bone in your body? Your brand will be taken care of for you. Your brand's quality will look and feel like your prices - high.
*prices are charged in Singapore Dollars. Other currencies are indicated for reference only. Payment provider and credit card provider exchange rates will apply
*price does not include any monthly or yearly software, domain, or hosting fees if any

Done-For-You Full-Suite Set Up

S$19,750 SG$15,988
✔ Everything in Brand & Business Strategy
✔ Website design & development
✔ Funnel building and automation set up
✔ Content creation strategy
✔ Outbound strategy
✔ Email list building strategy (including 5 welcome emails)
  • Additional 10 hours of private coaching after handover
  • Set up & training provided
  • Templates & scripts provided
Don't want to deal with the tech and marketing stuff? Leave it to us. We'll plug and you'll play.
*prices are charged in Singapore Dollars. Other currencies are indicated for reference only. Payment provider and credit card provider exchange rates will apply
*price does not include any monthly or yearly software, domain, or hosting fees if any
The workshops, strategies, and trainings do not include:

Still Not Convinced?

You might have seen many others promising the same things I am.
You might have also seen endless testimonials and screenshots.
So, I'm going to do something different...

The restaurant industry is the most lethal and challenging one.
What if my system worked for a restaurant?
The founder of restaurant, The Jungle Boy, needed help just like you.
He came to me when his restaurant was quiet.
Picture of The Jungle Boy's founder and Agnes
Within 6 months, he had received:
  • 473 clicks on “Reserve a Table” button on the website
  • 59 event booking enquiries submitted through the website
If 470 reservations were for 2 pax spending $50 each, he would've made $47,000.
If 50 events made $500 worth of orders, he would've made
$72,000 in 6 months and I'm being extremely conservative.
He also sent me this message that made my heart sing:
Screenshot of WhatsApp messages from The Jungly Boy's founder, saying that the restaurant is filling up and he is requesting for a More Seats Upstairs poster design from Agnes.
That's not all.
A digital marketing company in the beauty space booked TJB for an event through their website.
Influencers came and they shared a ton of organic media content of the restaurant!
If my system works for the craziest industry - restaurants...
Imagine what it will do for your business?
Let's see if this programme is for you