Privacy Policy


“We”, “Our”, or “Us” refers to Saw Incorporation Pte. Ltd., agents, affiliates, partners, and/or licensors.
“Entity” refers to any individual, company, organization, or any other legal Entity.
“User” refers to any Entity accessing our website -
“Personal Data” refers to data that directly or indirectly defines an Entity. Such data could include names or phone numbers.


The purpose of this policy is to inform Users how their personal information and data shall be handled, used, collected, and processed during the course of accessing our website. We shall take all reasonable precautions concerning the protection of your data as a User.
All Users of the website are responsible to read, acknowledge, consent, and agree to this policy. Users’ data shall be used by us to the extent of their consent. Additionally, any User representing a third-party shall be responsible for the third-party’s consent. Your use of the website or access to it shall represent your acknowledgment, agreement, and consent to this policy and its future changes.
This policy is subjected to revisions and modifications. We assure Users that a notification will be sent for most modifications, however, some minor modifications could be made without notice. Therefore, Users are responsible for reading this policy. All policies are available on the website.


During your access, browsing, or use of the website, we may collect, use, process, or handle your Personal Data. Such data include but is not limited to, name, gender, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, landline numbers, organization name, job functions, designation, and credentials.
The purposes of processing your Personal Data include but are not limited to, contacting you for the purpose of service provision, administering and managing your billings and payments, administrating services, responding to any of your questions, receiving your feedback, assisting us to carry out your service requests, conducting researches, marketing purposes, contacting purposes, screening purposes, carrying out due diligence for risk management procedures, preventing fraud or illegal acts, complying with governmental laws or regulatory requirements, disclosing third-parties to comply with laws and regulations, dealing with payments, conducting security processes, handling quality assurances, improving our website and services, and storing the data in case of a need for recoveries.
Third-parties include any of our partners, telecommunication companies, data centers, information technologies companies, third-party service providers, banks, or payment service provider companies. We have the right to pass on your Personal Data to third-parties, whether located in Singapore or any other country, for the purposes addressed in this policy;
All Users have a right to withdraw their consent by contacting us. Nevertheless, the withdrawal of certain data will prohibit us from performing or completing any services. Withdrawal of consent shall not limit us from collecting, using, or disclosing data for purposes permitted by law such as completing payments or sharing personal data to law enforcement authorities;
For any data collection, use, or disclosure for purposes that may not be mentioned in this policy, we will notify you of such other purposes. This clause does not include purposes permitted by law. If any law permits companies to collect, use, or disclose personal data, we are not obligated to notify Users for handling such data. However, we will update this policy to include any new purposes;
We may receive data from sources other than Users themselves. Such data are rightful to be used, collected, or disclosed. You hereby agree that we are not liable for collecting personal data from other sources including but not limited to data collected from third-party websites or credit history information from credit bureaus;
You must submit Personal Data that is accurate and keep such data up to date. We have the right to request updated Personal Data in the form of documentation or any other form of data. In the case of handling falsified data, we are not liable for such inaccuracy. The person providing falsified data shall be solely responsible for the repercussions of their actions;
Any attempt to falsify your Personal Data shall be followed by a warning or service termination. In some cases, such attempts could be followed by lawsuits;
Protecting your Personal Data from misuse, unauthorized access, destruction, or theft, is a priority to us. All information and data received are stored in secure servers.
In the event where we have created and handed over accounts and passwords to you, you are advised to not share your password and keep your password safe at all times. The safekeeping of your password is your responsibility. We strive to safeguard your personal data from any threats;
If there was a reasonable assumption that there is no longer a purpose to keep your Personal Data, we shall destroy such data. Any data that is no longer needed for any legal or business purposes shall also be destroyed;
Our website may display links to other websites owned by third-parties, such websites operate by specific Personal Data policies. All Users must read such policies and agree that we are not liable for any data submitted by Users to such websites;
Any time a User wants to opt-out of marketing messages, they can follow the instructions on the marketing messages typically found at the end of the messages. Alternatively, Users can send the opt-out requests to with the title “Opt-out Request for”.
Based on the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act, all Users have the right to request access and/or correct their Personal Data held by us. To request access to view, update, or correct such Personal Data, please email with the title “Data Viewing/Amendment Request for”.
We will ask for information from Users who request access, update, or correction of their data. Such information is needed to determine the User’s identity to be able to rightfully fulfill the request;
We hereby reserve the right to charge a fee of S$100 for each of such requests;
Requests for access to or corrections of Personal Data shall be executed within 30 days from submitting the request. If not, we shall notify the User of the earliest possible time of execution;
Some types of Personal Data are not subjected to corrections according to the Personal Data Protection Act;
The date and time of correcting data may differ from the time of submitting the correction request;
All Users hereby acknowledge and agree to their responsibility of providing accurate Personal Data;
In case of any complaints as to our handling of Personal Data, please email For such complaints, please specify that it is a PDPA complaint by writing the subject of the email as “PDPA Complaint for”.
If the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act grants entities to handle Personal Data without the consent of the User, this right will apply to us;
Consent of Users that is granted in accordance to this policy is additional and shall not take place of nor shall be replacing any other consents granted to us in other policies;
For any questions about our Privacy and Data Protection Policy, please email titled “PDPA Enquiry for”.