What They Say

Thank you so much for everything. I'm sooo happy you're helping me. I feel a lot more calm.It's interesting that the more I contemplate my WHY I do what I do, the less I want to do what I've been doing. Like at all... I am so excited to see what the next exercise has in store! And how it will focus my efforts even more.And I'm so glad that I feel comfortable opening up to you because I don't feel judged. I feel helped and encouraged.I've honestly not felt this focused and free ever. Thank you so much for pushing me so hard and believing in me. And helping me. You are amazing! And I can't wait to see you next week!!! XOXOyes! it was for a one-hour sesh. but I charged $300 for the session! So that's an improvement on my price point. And they paid me that day. So that was great.Thank you so much, Agnes!!! I feel so calm right now. While I have a ton to think about, I feel like you're helping me prune a massive scraggly-looking tree that has been barely keeping alive because there are so many dead or dying branches to feed. And once pruned, it will be glorious and flourish with the most amazing buds and flowers.You're a focused genius. With a passionf or design, a heart for entrepreneurs and an insanely deep business background. Trolls be trolling. You know what you're talking about. I finally feel on track, thanks to you!I was busy yesterday with a coaching client - new client! And figured out some boundaries I want to set with my coaching services, and who I want to start targeting.It's so interesting though because if we hadn't had our meetings, I wouldn't have my 1 year bubble burning so brightly in my head with the 10 year right behind it - saying - this isn't my mission or vision. This was a side project that has no legs. Unreal. I'm so proud of myself for being able to recognize that - and for standing up for my worth. Thank you for helping me see more clearly why I'm doing what I do. You frickin' ROCK!And my sales calls today, I could tell my confidence is WAY up. Because I know what I offer, and I can quantify it. I had two research calls too, and they were awesone. And I turned a DM into a sales call for next  Monday. So I'm getting that pipeline going.And I'm so glad that I feel comfortable opening up to you because I don't feel judged. I feel helped and encouraged.Oh- and I've been invited to speak to a group of about 100 on April 13 :) From one of the sales/research calls, he invited me to talk about the brand at his company. !!! YAY!Girl, you have no idea how helpful our sessions have already been!!! Can I tell you????I finally get what you mean by not chasing cash with the brand and having it stand for something deeper than dollars. It's beautiful and thank you for challenging me in that way.Yes, it's now four prospective coaching clients at $170/hour for one-off sessions to help with their resumes. two had to reschedule our meeting, but it's ok. they are in the pipeline.

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